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Park Funding Group is a business capital provider for small-medium businesses. We built our organization off the past experiences of former wall street executives, technology consultants, and small business owners. Therefore, we offer the best funding experience using technology and efficient practices, we offer the financial expertise that’s needed when borrowing capital to meet short liquidity expenses, and we are ourselves are former owners of small businesses, so we have an understanding of today’s business owner and provide access to capital without the stressful and extensive procedures you’ll experience at other financial institutions.

Our access to capital is provided by private investors, venture capital and private equity groups, hedge funds, and our own investment.

Auto Mechanic Receives $50,000 for new equipment.

Trucking Company Receives $80,000 for new truck.

Software Developer Receives $800,000 for R&D.

Our Process

Step 1: Complete an application

Step 2: We underwrite your application.

Step 3: We make an offer.

Step 4: You receive funds with 48 hours.

Apply Online:

Complete an application now and receive funds with 24 hours. This process includes completing your online application, reviewing our offer, and receiving funds. This process requires no collateral, is efficient, transparent, and best of all is quick.

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Park Funding Group is a funding company based in New York, NY. We specializes in providing short term working capital. For more information about business loans or process please call us at: (732) 743-7002 or email our team at Home| Apply| Contact Us| Business Loans| Industries.